Malaysian Youth Delegation #MYD15 officially launched

Malaysian Youth Delegation #MYD15 is 20 young Malaysians getting together, learning, fundraising and engaging our government in the process towards UNFCCC Climate Change Conference COP21.

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Yen_2014Chok Pit Yuen Call me Yen. My academic background was geology, graduated from University of Malaya, having working experiences as exploration geologist (gold mining industry) and PA, interested in both nature and social sciences. Being in an alternative group called The Zeitgeist Movement (M), determine to become a game reformist in order enhance the welfare the world and the earth with holistic approaches, inclusive of personal development of individuals and oneself Like to engage with nature and environmental activities and organizations and as life member of Geological Society of Malaysia, Malaysian Nature Society and Environmental Protection Society Malaysia. There’re both extrovert and introvert inside me, and procrastination is one of my bad habits, pardon moi.
CHOONG MERRYNPICTChoong Merryn Merryn is currently an ACCA Affiliate. She was a student ambassador to the United States of America under the Kennedy Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) Program in 2010. In 2012, she spent a year, both studying and working part-time in Busan, South Korea. Merryn shows great interest and passion towards nature and environmental studies. She is an active volunteer of Malaysia Nature Society (MNS) and AFS. She was also selected to participate in the Hope and Dreams Project. She has since travelled to Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Japan for natural disasters prevention and mitigation education.
WanJiChua Wanji Wanji graduated with a BSc degree in Conservation Biology from University Malaysia Sabah (UMS). Her postgraduate study in ‘Stability of Altered Forest Ecosystem’ (SAFE) project, Kalabakan, Tawau, is funded by the Malaysian Ministry of higher Education. Her research focused on ant-plant mutualism in forest regeneration. In 2014, Wanji had her internship with WWF-Malaysia, in the camera-traps maintenance unit for the Tiger Conservation project. She also got involve with many educational activities with the indigenous people. She is a firm believer in sustainable lifestyle and kindness towards animals. Her wide interest could be summarized into adventures, nature, volunteerism and arts.

“Speak up, speak the truth and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves”

PotraitElyas Eric Hi, I’m Elyas Eric, a 23 year old student from Universiti Malaysia Sabah. I’m currently in my final semester of my 3 years course, and I will graduate with a Bsc. (Hons.)in Conservation Biology, in November 2015. My subject of interest is anuran or commonly known as frogs and toads. I love field work because working in the forest excites me, especially when it involves trekking, and canopy climbing. I love to interact with the nature and its elements. I’m introvert in nature but love meeting new people. I’m still waiting to check travelling off my 2015 to do list.
BellaBella Septiarani My name is FK Bella Septiarani, I am Political Science student at Bakrie University, majoring in International Politics. I am very outgoing and cooperative individual, and currently involved in various student organizations, and presently assume leadership as head of public relation commissions at Bakrie University. I am highly respectful of others and love learning new things. I love to learn more about culture and diversity. But now I am concerning on climate change and more respectful to the mother of nature. And will do something to make a change for the better future.
Thomas LaiLai Yoke Hwa (Thomas) Lai Yoke Hwa (Thomas) was a BEng graduate in the field of Chemical Engineering with Environmental Engineering. He is currently pursuing master’s degree in Geospatial Science for Development Management at The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. The master degree provides him a competitive edge of expertise in combining geospatial skill and international development knowledge to solve and develop strategies in fields such as climate change (environment). He was one of the 3 recipients to receive the Vice-Chancellor’s Achievement Award in 2014 in recognition of his outstanding contribution and leaving positive impact to the university.
Loh RachelLoh Rachel Hello there! I am Loh Rachel, an 18-year-old who loves exploring, meeting new people and learning about new cultures, and to no surprise, would love to travel the world someday! Having just graduated from high school, I will be taking a gap year to explore my interests in neurobiology, psychology and environmental science. Besides my academic interests, I also enjoy long-distance running, photography and acting. I look forward to contributing to this amazing team of talented individuals and making an impact at UNFCCC COP21.
10374517_10153387287294129_786585076007581124_nLow Pau Ling (Roxanne) Guten tag, meine Mitarbeiter! (That technically translates to good day my fellow colleagues!) Yes, I speak and write German as I lived abroad for almost a year after my SPM. I just survived the IBDP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme) and will be pursuing my tertiary education in USA this Fall. I was a member of PowerShift ’13 and would like to contribute and put the skills learnt into good use by participating in MYD. As compared to many, I am still a noobie in Climate Change Movements but to make up for it, I am quite a fast and proactive learner. 所以, 请多多教导。(In Mandarin, that means, I hope that you will be willing share your knowledge and wisdom with me so that together we can make the youths’ voices heard. To great teamwork and collaboration! 
mikeMichael Jason Campton Mike is a communications consultant with a BSc degree in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Earth System Science and an emphasis on Climate Systems from San Francisco State University in California. At university he was a part of The Green Initiative Fund, which was a student organization that was set up to campaign for money to be set aside by the University for a fund that students and staff could utilize to carry out sustainability projects on campus. At his day job, Mike helps his clients find solutions to their communication problems. He helps Lenovo manage their social media community, create engaging content and devise digital media strategy. He also helps GSK with their internal communications as well as Magic: The Gathering and Motorola with public relations. Mike has an interest in earth science, geography, public transit, cycling, travel and photography.
10550848_709503955843090_5492086811605169980_nMohammad Shakirin Bin Shahrul Jamal For someone to find his interest in a specific area, he has to go through certain experiences which will then contribute to the learning process. It was not until my experience of being an exchange student in the United States of America when I found my interest in Social Science. As an exchange student, I loved watching the difference in terms of culture, economics background and sociology, just to name few; between my home country Malaysia and the US. The impact I gained during my exchange year has driven me to explore a field of study that consist of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary essentials, hence the Social Science. I’m currently pursuing the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.
IMG-20140616-WA0001Mohd Fahmi Azman Othman Hello, My name Fahmi Azman Othman, just call me Fahmi.. I am 29 Years Old Currently living in Penang also work in Penang. I am very active in volunteering especially involve in environmentally activities, I am participated in many volunteering such as tree planting, power shift Malaysia, organize freeze flash mob during WWF Earth Hour Celebration to give awareness to public about climate change issues. I am looking forward to join Malaysia Delegate to COP21 in Paris this year to understand more about climate change issues and could share it with my community how important this issues and take an action to prevent from climate change.
Nur AnisahNur Anisah Binti Abd Manan My name is Nur Anisah Binti Abd Manan from Masjid Tanah, Melaka. I was born on 24th September 1990, the first born of my siblings. I graduated in 2013 from University of Malaya in Ecology and Biodiversity. For hobbies, I have interest in both outdoor and indoor activities and both social and solitary activities such as running, swimming (though I’m such a bad swimmer), archery, reading, watching film/drama/documentary, skygazing, and wildlife viewing. In term of personality, I’m INFP-T type. I love to involve with issues on climate change as they are interrelated to other environmental and social issues that I’m interested with.
886409_3914028828290_499106_oOi Yen Tse (Emily) Oi Yen Tse (Emily) has completed her first degree in Chemical with Environmental Engineering and is currently pursuing her Masters in Environmental Monitoring and Management in University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. She is value driven, people oriented and love to travel. She has had several local and international voluntary experiences with cultural and environmental theme such as the ASEAN Youth Camp in Thailand, AIESEC exchange in India and PowerShift Malaysia. Her background and experience as well as her sentimental feelings towards her hometown, Johor Bahru- a rapidly growing border city, built her motivation to contribute in sustainable urban development and climate change related causes.
OliverOliver Shawn PV Kumaran Oliver has worked on sustainability projects and strategy since 2009 for one of the largest listed palm oil companies worldwide. He was part of a pioneering green technology unit focusing on waste management projects to reduce carbon emissions. . While here, he managed 4 projects that delivered first-of-its-kind Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) under the Clean Development Mechanism, UNFCCC, developed carbon reduction strategy and 5-year sustainability blueprint for the company, and was involved in sustainability communications efforts, including the writing and editing of a 150-page coffee table book on sustainability initiatives. He was the main writer, design lead, and project manager for the organisation’s first GRI-compliant sustainability report focusing on plantations. He believes that sustainability can be embedded in daily lives with the use of efficient, clean technologies and increased consumer awareness.
10440784_709505032509649_1830870432746053636_nOoi May Chen My name is Ooi May Chen. I graduated from USM Penang with a degree holder in Environmental Technology. I worked as a safety and health executive previously in industry sector. After that, I joined CETDEM as PJ-EcoMobility Project Officer. I am concern of the environment and how climate change affects living organisms on earth. It worried me when I see the development coming up so fast and the environment worsening. I realized sustainable development is the most practical solution to combat climate change and save our future. This may be the last chance for us to act globally together to save our only earth.
Elaine SeeSee Yee Ling (Elaine) I’m an A-level student at Taylor’s College Subang Jaya, under the Ministry of Education Bursary. I have started to concern and pay more attention about the climate change issue since Form 3 and this is an impact of the newspaper articles. The reason I applied and participated the COP21 Malaysian Delegation(MYD) is to gain more knowledge and experience related to the aforementioned world crisis so that I can leave an impact on someone and on Mother Earth, as well as to support the Malaysian Negotiator.
Jolene TanTan Mei Peng (Jolene) Jolene Journe Tan is a curious cat of climate change who tends to live in her own bubble. Yet, at the same time, she likes to travel, explore, learn and connect the world especially on how human impacts the environment and vice versa. She finds that there is a huge gap on understanding climate change between the scientists, major stakeholders and the public where, she hopes to facilitates and bridge the gap via writing, communicating and engaging in any ways she could. She is grateful to be able to be part of MYD COP21 Program – as this would be her first trip to represent Malaysia in this prestigious event; to witness the world leaders and major stakeholders on finalizing the very first treaty agreement on mitigating climate change, including Malaysia. For her, climate change is a social issue that can be resolved. Stay optimistic as the universe has its way.
10440784_709505032509649_1830870432746053636_n-001Amalen Sathananthar Amalen Sathananthar, raised in Kuantan and someone who has spent a lot of his youth with nature through various outdoor activities like camping and trail running. Through this bond I have discovered a need to help preserve what remains and help reverse the effects of Climate change in whatever way that I can. An avid volunteer at PowerShiftMalaysia and various other environmental NGO’s, I spend most of my time dedicated to my job at Yellowshorts Consulting, working on projects to better help society.
chuaheechia-1Chuah Ee Chia Ee Chia thinks that the climate change and the current capitalistic economic system is interrelated. She believes that the way forward towards a more sustainable planet is economic degrowth and through localization with more emphasis on indigenous practices. She’s mesmerized by the beauty of the Coral Triangle and the biodiversity of its marine lives. Climate change is a threat to the corals, marine lives and the people of the Coral Triangle. She’s fascinated by the life of the last surviving sea nomads, the Bajau Laut who reside in the Coral Triangle. She hopes that the statelessness of the Bajau Laut in Semporna, Malaysia can be resolved soon. She also hopes to see a successful COP21 where world leaders will put the future’s interest before their nation’s. She loves Odissi and seeing the world through the eyes of the locals.
beatriceCh’ng Sin Yi (Beatrice) Beatrice Ch’ng is currently pursuing her Masters in Environmental Science, Policy and Management (MESPOM) in Europe (www.mespom.eu). She has a background in Environmental Science (major in Chemistry). Upon graduation, she worked as an Environmental Consultant in ENVIRON Malaysia covering 8 countries within Asia. Her main responsibilities include environmental assessment; technical report and business proposal writing; and client liaison (local and multinational industries). Her interests lies with energy, education and sustainable governance. Conversant with 4 languages, she enjoys reading, writing and experiencing new culture. Of course, a good conversation with a cup of hot chocolate makes her heart glad!
fatihahNur Fatihah Zainal Abidin My name is Nur Fatihah binti Zainal Abidin and I am a master student at University Technology of Malaysia. My current study focus on solid waste management. I am a member of UTM-Asia Low Carbon Research Centre. I have a high interest in environmental related research. With knowledge and enthusiasm that I have towards the environment,I feel responsible to contribute to our environment and society. Last year, I joined a community-based participatory research (CBPR) project to tackle water issues in Kg Air Papan, Mersing and being selected by UTM to be one of the ambassadors to Lao PDR under the Southeast Asian Water Challenge program. Currently I’m involved in a community composting project at Felda Taib Andak in the hope that the community can manage their organic waste with cost efficient and environmentally friendly. I’m very delighted for being selected as a member of MYD15. This is a valuable opportunity for me to gain experience and knowledge on climate change issues and also an opportunity to build like minded network.