We are the MYD!

By Rachel Loh & Chua Wan Ji

MYD or The Malaysian Youth Delegation is made up of 23 youths who hail from Malaysia, just like you and me. They are just like Abu and Ah Chai or Siti and Kumar or Mei mei and Jane… you get the idea. The point that needs to be emphasized here is that, we are no children of rock stars or the VVIP, we do not possess any superhuman powers, and no, we are not rich nor influential like the Stark’s family.

The MYD was formed because each of us carried something small and invisible within us–a burning pinch of determination and passion to create a just, safe, and livable future for all. We pay attention to issues closed to heart such the climate, the environment and the carbon footprints left by the generations alive today. There is no doubt that many others agree on advocating for climate change and the environment, in fact, there are even more that are working in the same direction as where we are heading. For us, we want to be the voice that sings the song in everyone’s heart. By taking the initiative and lead, we want to encourage others to join in the fight for a sustainable future.

Ever since the official announcement of our success in the selection to join the MYD, we have held meetings and trainings, carried out surveys and even attended an interview with Traxx FM, a local radio station! We do all this because we wish to do a terrific job in presenting to you LIVE UPDATES at national conferences such as the ASEAN Power Shift 2015 that is happening tomorrow! Not only that, we want to do an awesome coverage of the pre-event, during-event and even post-event of the United Nations climate conferences, UNFCCC in Paris , France. We are acting in solidarity with frontline communities in Malaysia and across the globe to seek solutions to some of the biggest challenges humanity has ever faced.

While we strive to sharpen our skills in various fields (e.g. marketing, editing, fundraising, etc.) to bring the best stories to you, not only you can stay tune to our stories on this website, you can share them with your friends and family on your Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms to spread the awareness. If you want to gain some experience in what we do and learn a tip or two, join us during our training series organized by Power Shift Malaysia!

It is cruel fight against rapid development and massive environmental destruction, but with your full support, we can stand tall and proud in the eyes of the world and fight braver than ever to pursue justice for all that is suffering from the effects of climate change.

p/s: Remember to stay tune to our daily updates on ASEAN Power Shift (APS)  happening 24-26th of July and keep the discussion active! Send us any questions you have to our Twitter account @Powershiftmsia or comment below and we will try to get it answered as soon as possible!

Also, we would like to thank everyone who has shown us their great support in everything that we do, including the recent survey to gather opinions about Climate Change. We have produced a report summary of our findings and it will be used during the Policy Track at APS!  Once again, a sincere THANK YOU to all!

Before we forget, let’s introduce the members of MYD at APS!


Bottom row (from left): Rachel Loh, Amalen Sathananthar, Lai Yoke Hwa (Thomas), Merryn Chong Top row (from left): Chua Wan Ji, Low Pau Ling (Roxanne), Tan Mei Peng (Jolene), Mohammad Shakirin Bin Shahrul Jamal, FK Bella Septiarani, Oi Yen Tse (Emily),

You can also view our personal profiles here.

#MYD15 – Malaysian Youth Delegation – Malaysian youth climate movement at international United Nations climate conferences, UNFCCC, participants will be mentored and hold engagements with various climate expert bodies and dialogue with Malaysian policy makers and negotiators.

#ASEANPOWERSHIFT – A conference gathering youths from 10 ASEAN countries with the focus on finding pragmatic and possible solutions to tackle climate change and empower youths with skills and knowledge to initiate their own actions.