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Day1 at ASEAN Power Shift


by mydclimate


How lucky that the nine Malaysians youths are to be able to join the first ever ASEAN Power Shift happening in Singapore. While everyone is busy mingling around and gaining new knowledge from the various activities and sessions organized, the day quickly came to an end.

The first daily update is brought to you by our one and only Mohammad Shakirin Bin Shahrul Jamal or rather just Shak for short. 


By Mohammad Shakirin (MYD15)

Five representatives of the Malaysian Youth Delegation began their morning with a trip to the Bishan – Ang Mo Kio Park to start with the Shrub Planting session. The event was officiated by Ms. Josephine Teo, the Senior Minister of State for the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Transport in Singapore. During her speech, she spoke about the importance of environmental cultivation and how butterflies can act as a good indicator of good air quality. With that idea in mind to protect the natural habitat of the butterflies as well as other living beings on this earth, we began our shrub planning session. While at the park, we could not help but admired the excellent management of the National Park department to keep the park so well maintained.


The delegates later gathered in a conference room to discuss about the National Position Paper of each of the ASEAN nations present at ASEAN Power Shift. A total of 12 tentative purpose of the regional position paper were discussed including some that were focused on issues pertaining to the environment, education, government, youth and economy.

Right after lunch, we proceeded to the auditorium for the Official Welcome Address by the Deputy Secretary-General Community and Corporate Affairs Development of ASEAN, Dr. Mochtan from Indonesia.

The rest of the day was dedicated to plenary session to give delegates and participants a better understanding of the Green Growth in ASEAN and Does Divestment Work for ASEAN. From there on, it is hoped that delegates will step into the further discussions in the next two days with somewhat the same level of understanding.


It was indeed an exhausting yet informative first day at APS with the various sessions that took place throughout the day. We, Malaysians are definitely looking toward to work together with other youths from the 10 other ASEAN countries like Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei and Singapore to prepare a regional position paper representing the voices of our youths.


#MYD15 – Malaysian Youth Delegation – Malaysian youth climate movement at international United Nations climate conferences, UNFCCC, participants will be mentored and hold engagements with various climate expert bodies and dialogue with Malaysian policy makers and negotiators.

#ASEANPOWERSHIFT – A conference gathering youths from 10 ASEAN countries with the focus on finding pragmatic and possible solutions to tackle climate change and empower youths with creative skills and knowledge to initiate their own actions. 


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