Wanna Stop Climate Change?

Let’s Learn about UNFCCC

Two months ago, we have recruited and formed the ‘Malaysian Youth Delegation – MYD’ to the upcoming UNFCCC COP21 in Paris end of this year. To find out who they are, click here. #MYD15

Besides aggressively fundraising for the flight and cost, MYD is going through avigorous training regime. The delegation’s tasks include researching and producing informative articles, participating in a ‘mock’ policy negotiation and conducting series of trainings.

One of the strategy of MYD is share the happenings during the COP21 by reporting back to Malaysia. This is done by writing articles, explaining what is happening, to our audience back home. MYD members have to produce monthly articles, part self-learning and part educating our readers. To read their artices and to learn more about UNFCCC, click here.

Getting hands-on or learning on the job, is the best way to soak up experience. MYD have recently participated in a ‘mock’ regional policy statement drafting. After hosting the nationwide online surveyMYD negotiated on behalf of Malaysian youth, upholding our national interest while injecting ambition into the text. It was indeed a fruitful learning experience for all. Read on their journey, click here.

Nothing beats hearing from the experts. MYD Training Series is designed to host climate experts to share on related topics with the youth delegation. The trainers line-up includes, Malaysian negotiators, IPCC scientist, Guardian’s list of top youth climate activist, NGO leaders and media specialist. This training is free and open to the public. To join or see the full list,click here.

At UNFCCC COP 21 in Paris, MYD aims are to:

  • Represent the youth climate movement of Malaysia
  • Hold our leaders accountable for their actions and pledges
  • Pursue justice for those suffering the effects of climate change
  • Act in solidarity with frontline communities in Malaysia & across the globe
  • Seek solutions to one of the biggest challenges humanity has ever faced

The structure of the campaign and delegation will be in three primary tracks:

  1. Media: maintain our online social media presence, craft MYD newsletter during COP, write press release template, pitch delegation stories to larger media outlets, track media hits
  2. Mobilization: train delegates for how to plan actions in the UN Space, coordinate with other action planning hubs,
  3. Advocacy: tracking policy development in the UNFCCC, train delegates in advocacy aspects of the UNFCCC and the MYD support strategic policy engagements for the delegation through lobbying and other associated efforts.

Leading up to COP21 we’ll have members of the delegation, who are experienced in fundraising, support others through the process of personal fundraising. If you have more questions or concerns about the financial aspect of COP21, please feel free to reach out to us (powershiftmsia [at] gmail.com).