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Pre COY post


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Greetings to all, Ginger Ooi here from Malaysian Youth Delegation (MYD). If you are curious about MYD, don’t miss out the chance to know more about us. MYD is sending 3 youths to attend Conference of Youth (COY11) in Japan. Thanks to our sponsor, Air Asia for providing youths in Malaysia to have a greater exposure to the world.

air flightI am one of the lucky ones to be selected. It is a golden opportunity to meet with youth from East Asia and know what problems they face in their own countries and together urge world leaders to act against climate change.

This is the first year COY is happening outside of the organising country. Tokyo has been selected to host COY in East Asia. It is time to reach the local community about climate change instead of flying all the way to Paris. This is my first time travelling to a four season country.

I am excited and eager but worried as well as the temperature is between 2-18 degree Celcius. Oh gosh, I will look fatter in appearance due to the many layers I will be wearing…I like it though! Stay tuned with MYD.

My apologies for the late posting. Limited WiFi access



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