Malaysia’s negotiator applauded in ADP Contact Group


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Prof Gurdial of Malaysia Photo credit: Jean Su
Prof Gurdial of Malaysia Photo credit: Jean Su

When do you feel proud in the COP21? When the room clapped for Malaysian Negotiator!!!!!

Voiced on the behalf of the Like-Minded Developing Countries (LMDC), Prof. Gurdial condemned the efforts and sincerity of the developed countries on coming together to curb global climate crisis. The developed countries’ reluctance and failure of doing their part in cutting carbon emission (providing developing countries financial and technical support) has always been the main problem of forming a legal binding agreement on climate change. In the negotiation language, the Principle of Common But Differentiated Responsibilites (CBDR) is not accepted by many developed nations.

“Developing countries are doing their fair share (on climate change) while the developed countries are far from their responsibilities. They (developed countries) say they want to take the lead but when come to the text, they bracket (means phrase is still under discussion, not yet accepted) everything, then developing countries have to take the lead. There is no sincerity!”

This certainly is a resounding smack on the promise-breaking developed countries. The justified intervention won the applause from the full-house observer room!

As a Malaysian, I felt very proud of our leaders. Not only the down-to-earth and daring negotiators, I also very grateful of our Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental, YB Dato Sri Dr. Haji Wan Junaidi bin Tuanku Jaafar for granting us the “Party Overflow” badges. We thank him for enhancing the transparency and involvement of youth in the policy making processes, as well as for being open-minded and generous to be the first Minister who approved the “pink” badges to the Malaysian youths.

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