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Big Ideas to connect Climate Change and Landscapes


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Thelma Krug, Vice-Chair of Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change (IPCC)

“In terms of what to do for climate change – the threats for now and in the future; we need transformation that combine adaptation and mitigation plans to realize the goal of sustainable development.” – Thelma Krug, Vice-Chair of Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change (IPCC).

Based on the latest assessment of IPCC, 4 pathways are lined-up where [2°C] [or] [1.5°C] is a level that is agreed in the drafted Paris outcome as a long term target. Moving to this pathway will require reducing substantial emissions in all sectors as well as adaptation plans that are strengthened via top-down and bottom-up approach. The importance of including local and indigenous knowledge are being highlighted several times on today’s high-level plenary at Global Landscape Forum. According to Thelma Krug, moderating the impact of climate change requires strong scientific backups and technologies as well as to include local and indigenous knowledge. IPCC recognizes their limitation to facilitate this issue owing to information deficiency from developing countries on climate change and hence many works in many directions are required to fill the gaps; to produce regional and localized mitigation / adaptation plans with broad perspectives.

The plenary also highlighted the importance of political and social supports in climate policy. Governor of California, Jerry Brown commented the need of understanding, new tools and techniques with new way of living. “We have a lot of issues and climate change is a problem that can’t be put away for too long. 2 degree centigrade with 50% stability, is a lot of uncertainties. Therefore, we need science, we need holistic science that teach us to see community, environment and ecology that are closer to reality. We need a new way of thinking and sensitivity”. says Governor Brown.


In my opinion, I agreed with Thelma’s and Governor Brown’s statement of the need of holistic view. We need to realize that science is not the only thing we need to consider when it comes to resolve climate issue. Climate is a social issue. This is because, we design our own communities and our neighbourhood. We define what landscapes are in our own terms. For instance, common society view “less valued” land as the furthest land from the city. These “less valued” land are lands where improvement can be made easily but building where people are with greater density is difficult. Yet, we should never forget the scientific knowledge of climate change. These valuable knowledges will lead us to live in harmony with our mother earth. A balance living is in need as we are literally heading to an extreme end right now.

“It is just the beginning , it is a long slot . Don’t work too hard but keep going.” – Governor Brown.

Written by: Jolene Journe T.
Edited by: Merryn Choong


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