Adrian Yeo delivering the ADP Opening Intervention in COP21


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Thank you Mr President,

I am Adrian Yeo from Climate Action Network.

23 years after Rio, we are abysmally far from where we need to be to prevent dangerous climate change.

COP 21 must be a turning point; its outcome a springboard for the global transformation the climate crisis commands.

The Paris Agreement must create a robust mechanism to accelerate ambition that synchronises, assesses, and enhances commitments in 5-year cycles. It should match conditional INDCs with finance.

This “Paris Ambition Mechanism” should be directed by short-term urgency and long-term vision. Countries must commit to full global decarbonisation and a complete transition to renewable energy by 2050.

The post-2020 regime needs to ensure adequate support. The Paris Agreement should stipulate that collective targets for the provision of financial support should be set and updated in 5-year cycles, with separate targets for supporting mitigation and adaptation.


To meet the growing needs of vulnerable people, the Agreement must also ensure strong institutional and support arrangements for adaptation and loss and damage. These separate and distinct issues must be dealt with as such.

Distinguished delegates, we are at a critical juncture. COP 21 should leave no doubt that the world needs to transform, and we expect you to accelerate this transformation.

Thank you Mr President

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