While I was in Paris for COP21 I had the opportunity to speak at the 4th International Eco-Schools Conference (IESC). It was held in Shah Alam, Malaysia. We had to do it online via Google Hangouts Video Conferencing. I was planning to do it from the conference area but the internet connection at COP21 was really bad at that time so I decided to head home for a more stable connection.


The whole time I was heading home I felt nervous. I’ve never given a talk to people on this scale and it’s not like I’m just talking about myself or anything, I’m going to be giving my opinion on climate change and what exactly the whole COP process is. To take my opinion and ask me for facts on issues like this, it really blew my ego sky high (laughter), made me feel all important. Thanks to Adrian Yeo, fellow Malaysian @ COP21, who was also in this session, I had my ego bubble popped by the way he presented which completely showed the difference in our experience. It was my first time and I’d really enjoyed it.

Our styles of explanation and delivery were so different. I was too spontaneous and random in my thoughts and explanations whereas Adrian had a more organized and calm approach. I feel I need to learn to do this better to help prevent any miscommunication as well as to help ensure the message is delivered in the best possible manner. Maybe what I need is just more practice, who knows with all the numerous events and media moments MYD has, maybe I’ll get better if I keep these self improvement goals in mind.

While doing the interview, I felt something wonderful – all these students who are passionate about the environment so eagerly asking me questions.  The passion from these young people really made me feel hopeful, it brought joy to my heart seeing that there are so many students that know about these environmental issues and want to do something about it.

When I was in school I never had this support, I was always alone in my passion for the environment. Moving forward, I want to be someone these students can look up to, someone that can help shape and guide the generation of tomorrow. Someone I needed when I was younger to show me the way. But to do that, I have to continue developing myself and doing good work wherever and however I can.

Thanks again WWF Malaysia for including me in this awesome experience .

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