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How psyched I felt when one morning in the second week of COP21, my friend shows me a video on the UNFCCC main website. I was like, “dude, I don’t want to watch this. Can we like just chill and relax for awhile?” I watched the video anyway, and about half way through I lose my shit, that’s me!

I’m in that video! Holy Moly.

I was ecstatic. I was involved in an action with called “keep it in the ground”, a campaign against the use of Carbon or fossil fuel in any sense. I was actively involved and I was proud to hold up that banner and chant out loud. I felt nervous at first when the cameras were right in front of us, at the time it was my first big action and it was so well done. A clear cut message, a wow factor, a social media attraction we were but most importantly we delivered our message and we were heard. I didn’t realize at first that all these cameras were from big media agencies or that they would make a difference, I thought hey we’ll at least be on some news right.

But lo and behold we came out on a lot of different media, like the Guardian and many others, and I’m vainly saying that my Malaysian sexy face and beard is all over them. I was proud to lend my voice to a cause I cared about and to see myself on that video, I can say, “Hey, I was there. I made a difference, no matter how small it may be. I made a difference.”

Sometimes even the smallest drops, create the biggest ripples. Here is that epic video. Look out for me 😀


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