Spot me at Youth Forum in Indonesia Pavilion, COP21

Spot me at Youth Forum in Indonesia Pavilion, COP21

While I was still in Malaysia preparing for COP21, I received a short email from Adrian and Lastrina asking if I am keen to share my climate initiatives and experiences for the coming Youth Forum event organized by Indonesian Pavilion in COP21.

Well, the moment I say “Yes” is the day I am glad I did it.

I was thrilled and nervous as this is my first global sharing session with a wider circle of audience and some of the esteem attendees including Ministers of Indonesia. Despite my anxious nature during the presentation, I am glad I am able to share two climate initiatives I was involved this year: Power Shift Malaysia 2015 and Malaysian Youth Delegation (MYD) 2015.

Here is a short presentation I did at the Youth Forum on my climate involvements.

Powershift Malaysia is a youth leadership camp started in 2013 where youth around the world (mainly Asean countries) are encouraged to participate and to explore youth climate mobilizations and actions! It is literally a playground that allows you to learn climate 101 and at the same time, and exploratory experience that connects people and projects. In 2015, I was given the opportunity to be one of the trainers for Power Shift Malaysia 2015 and I was delighted as it is my forte to be able to conduct climate education to a bunch of curious minds.

As mentioned in my previous article “A Skype session with Leonardo da Vinci High School, Potsdam, Germany“, I am more heavily involved in Malaysian Youth Delegation (MYD) program that was recently established in June 2015. It is always my desire to attend one of the summits hosted by UN and I am grateful to be given the opportunity to attend UNFCCC COP21 along with other delegates. To be honest, I have rather limited knowledge and narrow understanding on climate policies including on how different countries view and rank the importance of mitigating and adapting to the impacts of climate change. MYD has gave me the platform to further understand the formal mentioned matters – the climate science and social science in a holistic manner.

Not only that, I get to meet a bunch of youthful and inspiring climate enthusiasts at COP21 where many come with similar hopes and goals:- to do something good for the environment we are living in.

And, here is the list of environmental / climate enthusiastic friends I’ve came across via this event at COP21 that I would like to share with you:-


Via this forum, I learned that everyone has something good to share with the world, be it small, big or odd and I am looking forward to continue my pursuit of such purpose and to bring forth the knowledge I have acquired in this journey to many more people who may cross my path.

We should never stop doing great things – be it alone or together. – JT. Journe

Thank You Lia Zakiyyah and Indonesia for organizing this wonderful experience!

Thank You Lia Zakiyyah and Indonesia for organizing this wonderful experience!


Written by: Jolene Journe T.

About her: [Climate Enthusiast, Miss Malaysia Earth (Fire) 2013, Environmental Science undergraduate, Delegate of MYD 2015]