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I was in Paris 2 days before my team. I had registered for all 3 days of COY11 and was going to attend a lonely first day without my team as they would only arrive on the 27th of November, the 2nd day of COY11 and in the morning, meaning I would see them soon. I was so stoked for it. I had not seen other familiar Malaysian faces in awhile and I felt I needed to bond with my team and realign ourselves for the task ahead.

The morning of the 27th arrived and I was already at COY11 eagerly awaiting my team-mates as they were on they had arrived in the morning and were on their way to the COY11 venue. That same morning I had another surprise when I arrived, Adrian, our mentor and advisor, who was supposed to be in Malaysia, was there, at the COY11 venue. I was shocked and surprised. It was amazing seeing him. I needed a familiar comforting face. It really was lonely and with the overwhelming presence of this international stage , it was really a well needed surprise.

Adrian in the flesh, a well needed surprise
Adrian in the flesh, a well needed surprise

Here is a little video on our first day back together. It was awesome. Thanks to Scott Brown from NorthWestern University, U.S.A for shooting and putting this video together.


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