I first met them in COY11 on the first day. Miranda had heard me introduce myself as from the MYD and she had previously been liaising with Thomas, my teammate about doing a possible interview for their documentary. I hadn’t heard about this so she brought me up to speed.

They were Miranda Cawley and Scott Brown from NorthWestern Uniersity , U.S.A. and they were at COP21 and COY11 to do a documentary about Youth from the Global South. We got further acquainted and they seemed like cool people so I said yea, you can follow us around and document us and ask us questions, the team had pre-approved and I said yes. It was free publicity and I’m not one to turn that down.

So over the next week we were followed closely by Miranda and Scott, ever present with their cameras . We would have random interviews at the most unlikely of spots like train stations or in lines for dinner or just while we were unwinding at home after a long day. It was fun. They asked us interesting questions and we knew that our voice was going to be heard. Hey they were making a documentary about us. It wasn’t some second rate one either, Miranda and Scott knew their stuff. They were environmental enthusiasts themselves, both of em are even vegetarians for this cause, they knew what they were asking and how to really engage us to get the right answers and controversial questions answered.

Scott and his ever present camera on the train getting an interview with me done

Scott and his ever present camera on the train getting an interview with me done

I had an amazing time having them around with us. I personally feel I have made lifelong friends in them and can’t wait till I can go over to the states and free load of my new friends while I travel, haha. But all in all I would like to THANK both Miranda and Scott for being an awesome film crew with their crazy heavy camera bags going everywhere with us to document what we were up to and for also being amazing friends that I have had the privilege to share an awesome first week of COP21 with.

I can’t wait for when that documentary airs sometime this year in 2016 but for now here are some clips from the interviews they conducted with us.

Written by Amalen