Strategic Action Plan 2016 – 2018

Our vision is empowered youth taking action on climate change for a sustainable future for all.

Our mission is to amplify the voice of youth movements in climate change through education and mobilisation.

The Solution > Make The Conversation Mainstream – Shaping public opinion with comprehensive climate change education at all levels, especially young people.

Program Delivery

Climate Education
  • Kem Solusi – Introduction to the basic science of Climate Change and the available solutions. Planning to host 6 camps yearly are various location. Targeting 6 kem x 50 pax = 300 engaged participants
  • Kampus Sarap – Experiential field trips and community action that demonstrate sustainability in action, waterfall and beach cleanups, visit to landfill and solar farm. Targeting 6 trips yearly x 35 pax = 210 engaged participants
  • #TabungPustakaIklim – Putting climate change related books onto shelves of libraries. 6 box of books x RM2,000, targeting 6 library to be engaged
  • Pen-debunga-an – Planting bunga raya, providing food for our pollinators, in supporting growth of a healthy forest. Promoting national flower and bee population, will be our souvenirs throughout the year.
Public Policy
  • Malaysian Youth Delegation – Advocacy on public policy studies on multilateral and national platforms, Policy Reading & Understanding Training. COP22 in Marakesh, Morroco, target to send 4 pax yearly to attend UNFCCC meetings and Engagement in National Policy Making
  • National Climate Change Survey – Nationwide survey roadshow with youth on Climate Change Awareness and Concerns. Targeting 10 briefings and survey sessions yearly x 50 pax = 500 pax
  • Iklim Anggota Parlimen Saya – Holding our Elected Representatives Accountable, Policy Education and Monitoring. Targeting to publish online & a book of our MPs reply on environmental & CC issues
Campaigning Skills
  • #PowerShiftMsia – Empowering & mentoring on effective campaigning and project management skills. Targeting 2 camps yearly x 50 pax = 100 participants and 10 adopted projects