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We are happy to have Chee Yoke Ling, Programmes Director of Third World Network (TWN) to be a speaker for our post COP21 forum and her tremendous support:

“MYD2015 is an excellent initiative – for those keen on understanding intergovernmental climate negotiations, there is no better way than to gain knowledge and experience by being where the action is. From navigating the UN processes to reading the hundreds of pages and engaging with government delegates and civil society activists MYD offers a great opportunity. Climate justice is emerging as the overarching frame for climate actions in countries and in international cooperation. By also linking the UNFCCC efforts and outcomes to national actions back home in Malaysia, MYD helps to create a new generation of Malaysians who can make climate justice a reality.”

sunitha myd cop21

#MYD provide Malaysian youths opportunities to interact with various local experts in climate change. For instance, we met the gender specialist in #COP21, Sunitha Bishan from National Council of Women’s Organisation Malaysia, who is also the Social Innovator of Penitajaya Sdn Bhd.

“This begins with a warm hug to MYD who attended the 2015 COP21 Paris conference. The team demonstrated that good work is built on the foundation of sound knowledge. The advocacy that was done pre and post COP were some of the rare opportunities where youths from MYD demonstrated leadership and competent expertise on climate change.

The call for climate justice is not only about creating awareness but the strength to stand up and demand action against the damage to our environment. This was the significance of the team to the COP21 and beyond. It was and still is a tremendous pride to stand with the youths from MYD”

winnie myd cop21

Winnie Jimis, JOAS representative to #COP21, also Project Coordinator for Community-Led Environmental Awareness for our River and the Technical Coordinator, Forever Sabah for Urban Green Waste Reuse shared her thoughts working with MYD at COP21:

“Being a first timer representing indigenous people of Malaysia to COP21, I was fortunate to be invited for training by MYD in their preparation to COP21 representing the youth in Malaysia.

I am also thankful to all the Malaysian Youth Delegates for their assistance during the Asian Indigenous People day at COP21. As indigenous people around the globe, we want to be visible.

MYD also ought to be visible as youth have the power to transform this planet to a better HOME to live,tomorrow. The chances to work with local communities badly impacted with climate change will empower youth towards planning a dynamic approach in combating and mitigating climate change and to change towards a sustainable living in Malaysia.”

Thomas MYD cop21Thomas YokeHwa Lai, on his COP21 experience:

“COP21 is where I realised ONE WORD can determine my future!”

“This is my first COP and I gained tremendous knowledge and experiences. I would gladly say this was my highlight for 2015. The adoption of#ParisAgreement is just the first step toward a climate resilient future. The next crucial step is domestic and local actions. This is why the work #MYD is important, in engaging and providing relevant information to Malaysian youths in combating climate change.”

Emily Oi sharing on her MYD experience.

“It has been an exponential-growing journey; from selection to preparation, till the final test- physically participating in COP21 itself. From COP21, I had a better understanding on how different actors interact and coordinate with each other in this type of international decision making processes. Moreover, I had the chance to understand how and what are different countries fighting for- especially in the context of developed and developing countries respective responsibilities and stand. Overall, I think it was a very rewarding and eye-opening exposure for youth. It is also a very valuable opportunity and practical platform to encourage more Malaysian youths to participate in environment or climate change policy and advocacy work.”

emily myd testi