Title: MYD 2016: Climate Science and its Relation to Policy and the Paris Agreement

Malaysian Youth Delegation (MYD 2016): Youths who are currently working their way to COP22 in Morocco in November. This is our Training Series focusing on climate policy.

Our 3rd Training Series focuses on Policy and the Paris Agreement. It will be conducted by Dr Matthew Ashfold of the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. Dr Ashfold has a PhD from the University of Cambridge and his research area is on atmospheric science focusing on Southeast Asia.

No payment is required for participation. However, it is limited to 20 people only. Thus, please RSVP in the google form provided HERE! Have a look at our event page on Facebook as well! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet like-minded youths and individuals at the forefront of climate change mitigation! 🙂

Date: 9 October 2016, Sunday
Time: 10am-12pm
Location: KLTC Level 2, Chulan Tower, KL

#MYD Training Series – Training on UNFCCC negotiations and media work with various climate experts, government bodies and civil society leaders, from July until Nov 2016. Each sessions will run for 2 hours and may be broadcast live on Google Hangout. Hangout will be available on YouTube for future reference. http://powershiftmalaysia.org.my/myd-training-series/

#MYD – Malaysian Youth Delegation – Malaysian youth climate movement at international United Nations climate conferences, UNFCCC, participants will be mentored and hold engagements with various climate expert bodies and dialogue with Malaysian policy makers and negotiators. http://powershiftmalaysia.org.my/category/myd2016/myd-events/