Dr Gary & Kelvin Diong

(Bab Ighli, 9th November 2016) Third day of COP22. The most hectic and satisfying day. Kicked off with YOUNGO daily meeting, followed by the coordination meeting of G77 and China, spent a little time on Indian Pavilion to learn about Smart Cities, joined the Green Investment in Malaysia talk, dropped by the Low Carbon City talk, spent good time understanding Global Supply Chain, attended CAN daily meeting, participated at the Japanese Pavilion event and concluded with the informal meeting on APA’s agenda on global stocktake (GST).

First of all congratulations to fellow KL folks as DBKL has just officially launched the Kuala Lumpur Low Carbon City Blueprint 2030 in COP22. With this, Malaysia has once again express the commitment to reduce greenhouse gases.

Besides, the session of Global Supply Chain gave an idea on deforestation free economy development by using BVRIO, the tool developed to map out the supply chain of commodities. The basic principle of the tool is the production of the commodity that is associated to land use conversion or clearance.

The Youth event held at the Japanese Pavilion was special, as the session was mainly about having youth to involve in developing a low carbon Olympic in Japan.

It was also a day of overjoy, being able to observe the APA informal meeting and listened to Dr Gary explaining the importance of LMDC and G77 and China, and hence the background of bilateral consultation. It was such a tiring day that when this article is being drafted, I fell on the keyboard a couple of times. The MYD 2016 stayed back till 7:30pm, hoping to give our lead negotiator the support at LMDC closed meeting. It was definitely a day to remember.

Written by Kelvin Diong
Edited by Chang Zhun Yan