(Bab Ighli, 8th November 2016) The second day of COP experience has been eventful, in fact, noteworthy. The day was started with check-in to our base, the Malaysian Pavilion, with conversation held with the national negotiators on consent to shadow them in action. The morning agenda was followed by observing the internal coordination meeting of G77 and China bloc.article-photo-081116-kelvinIt was also a lucky day as the MYD2016 catch Dr Gary, the lead negotiator of Malaysia in action, deliver a talk on climate resilient at the Malaysian Pavilion. The presentation of climate mitigation and adaptation strategy from 11th Malaysian Plan gives an overview understand to the crowd about Malaysia’s effort in addressing climate change enhancing inclusiveness towards equitable society as well as transforming urban and rural area to have minimal impact on ecosystem services and low carbon emission.

He pointed out the possible influence on shipping industries with policies like IMO and ICAO being implemented full-fledged.

Malaysia is also anticipated to reach major peaking in near future, with the expectation of major changes in infrastructure provision in the country. The introduction of aerobic rice production which does not generate methane is a key program to resolve 2 issues, climate change mitigation and adaption as well as the coherent use of water resources. He concluded the presentation by reiterating that the strategy is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The afternoon of the day was rather packed, scheduled with back to back events. Firstly, it was truly a refreshing experience at the informative Climate Action Network (CAN) daily meeting. CAN members closely following negotiations and consultation each report and update status on respective area such as Ad-Hoc Working Group on Paris Agreement (APA), Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Paris Agreement (CMA), NDC implementation, Modalities and Finance, Non-Marketed Approaches as well as science on global stocktake.

Nevertheless, there was neither Fossil nor Ray of the Day nominated. I was really amazed by the effectiveness of ad hoc working pattern and how committed and passionate these people are, dedicated their life to the climate change cause.

I’ve always been keeping an eye on the market-based mechanism, not really well-versed though so a session of Carbon Market Watch is inevitable. Social Impacts associated with Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Sustainable Development Mechanism (SDM) were first mentioned and stakeholder consultation was deemed essential and necessary. Between CDM and SDM, CDM has been viewed as the lack of defining framework and patchwork of interpretation on sustainable development & missing monitoring requirements.

Although it has been clearly stated in Article 6 that no double counting is allowed, there are other issues such as scaled up editing and ‘Hot Air’ phenomena which thus requires clarification on conditionality, technical-corresponding adjustments to ensure accounting framework to avoid double counting, revise baseline when NDC is pledged.

The last meeting attended on the day was an Informal Open Consultation Meeting on Green Climate Fund and Climate Technology Centre and Network. Turkey being the main subject of this meeting explained the context of the development of their country, argue about their countries position as a developing country and demonstrated their strong pursuance of getting consent to be recognized as developing countries eligible to received climate funding. Although being awarded the Fossil of the Day on the first day of COP22,

Turkey repeatedly emphasizes the need of financial support to carry out mitigation and adaptation as well as loss and damage measures for the betterment of future generation. However, the status of the country as developing country but within Annex I makes it unable to receive fund at the same time not giving out any fund. Generally, Thailand, the Netherlands, Brazil, the European Union (EU), Switzerland and Belarus thinks that the Turkey shall abide by COP’s decision, which means Turkey being in Annex 1 is not entitle to receiving financial support from Green Climate Fund, however may look for other alternatives such as Global Environmental Fund. Thailand specifically stresses that informal consultation shall not overlap decision made on APA. Other countries represented at the informal meeting but remain silent include China, Japan, United States of America, Australia, Ukraine, Mexico, Venezuela, Iraq, Iran, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia and Bhutan.

In short, it was a fruitful day, considering that attended meeting or discussion includes international sessions such as internal coordination meeting and informal consultation meeting, following up with national negotiators, Civil Society Organisation (CSO) meeting as well as side event providing technical knowledge or review of existing terms and clauses in Paris Agreement (PA).

Written by Kelvin Diong
Edited by Elaine See