Climate (Off) Track


by mydclimate



“It’s good if the US talks less and other countries talk more,” said Jesse Bragg, the courageous and bold American from Corporate Accountability International on today’s panel of Climate Track, a daily meeting session conducted by Climate Tracker to keep track on current climate news.

It was a day after the US election and people were still talking about it. Climate Track specifically dedicated a session to update their audiences on the latest findings on the US and climate change.

Andreas Sieber from Climate Tracker kicked off the session by explaining the infographic on What the US Election Mean for COP22. This comprehensive infographic answers basic questions on domestic mitigation, Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), Finance, Can Trump pull out?, Will the UNFCCC still have money?, and Diplomacy.

Jesse pointed out that it should be a mandate in the NGO world to urge the global north to step up and help out financially. We have to step forward without waiting as we do not know what Trump will do.

The session was moderated by Chris Wright from Climate Tracker, who pointed out a couple of reasons on how the US is being unsustainable and still largely dependent on fossil fuels. How could there be a just transition when a working group in Trump’s team, an official in Competitive Enterprise Institute, is funded by fossil fuel associations? Or the Energy Secretary being chiefly interlinked with Continental Resources, which tagline goes “America’s Oil Champion,”? Or even so, guess who’s the Interior Secretary? (Hint: Lucas Oil)

It is an inevitable fact the the US has been leasing an amount of land to oil and some companies want to broaden that and expand further.

“Kick Big Polluters Out” Campaign

At times like these, we have to amplify our voices. Movements like “Kick Big Polluters Out Campaign” is one of the many ways to achieve this.

Written by Jasmin Irisha Jim Ilham
Edited by Choy Moon Moon


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