Of Course, US Can


by mydclimate



If you have not heard of the Climate Action Network (CAN), now you have.

Donald Trump winning the US Presidential Elections was a huge buzz, as soon as you step on the bus to the COP22 venue, *EVERYONE* was talking about it.

CAN even dedicated 15 minutes of their highly punctual and tight daily meeting schedule to discuss the outcome and delegates’ perspective on the US Election. It was a breakout session, where delegates were required to get into groups of 10 people for a short sharing session and discussion.

CAN Daily meeting

To wrap up the quick breakout session, Tina Johnson of US CAN, took the podium and expressed her views as an American in the Civil Society Organization. She reminded us that although many are against Trump, we must keep in mind that a lot of people are celebrating as well.An example that is widely referred to in this situation is BREXIT. Many expected otherwise.

She imparted with us a very empowering message – we might be down, but we’re definitely not out.
There are many concerns that surround nations across the world. What are the implications of Trump winning the US Election? Is the US going to pull out of the Paris Agreement? How is this going to affect the developing countries? What about the Green Climate Fund?

These are the many questions left unanswered, and to be found out during the second week of COP22, when the High-Level Ministerial meetings take place.

Written by Jasmin Irisha Jim Ilham
Edited by Choy Moon Moon


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