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Why MYD needs YOU-th


by mydclimate


Apa tu MYD ?

MYD at COP22

The Malaysian Youth Delegation (MYD) is the voice of the Malaysian youth climate movement at Conference of Parties (COP), more formally “the United Nations Climate Change Conference. Made up of dedicated and inspiring youth leaders from across the country, the delegation represents the demands of a generation working to create a just, safe, and livable future for all.

MYD objectives are to:

  • Represent youth climate movement in Malaysia

  • Educate Malaysians on UNFCCC and Malaysian climate policy

  • Hold our leaders accountable for the promises and actions responsible for climate change

  • Act in solidarity with frontline communities for those suffering the effects of climate change in Malaysia and across the globe

Erm … what is COP?

COPs are yearly conferences held in the framework of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). They serve as the supreme decision-making body of the Convention to assess progress in dealing with climate change

This year, COP will be held at its “home base” in Bonn, Germany from 6-17 November 2017.

UNFCCC Headquarters at Bonn, Germany. Image by Adopt a Negotiator 

Soooo, what does MYD really do?

The Paris Agreement was adopted on 12th December 2015 and entered into force on 4 November 2016. The whole process took less than one year. This shows that the world as a whole agreed on a path forward, a path to keep warming well below 2 degrees Celsius, and for the first time to pursue efforts to limit temperature increases to 1.5 degrees C.

Thus, YOUth involvement is vital to reshape this process in a way that meets the needs of our communities, and our planet when our future is being negotiated!

The delegation will be facing many challenges within and outside of the UN framework. We’re looking for excited, talented, inspiring young people to join us this year. Our focus will be in growing real change, both at COP and beyond.

The structure of the programme and delegation will be in three primary tracks: Advocacy, Media and Mobilisation. Here are a few examples of what you might do as a delegate within each of these tracks:

  1. Advocacy:
    • tracking policy development and advocacy aspects of the UNFCCC and Malaysia climate change scene;
    • support MYD strategic policy engagements through lobbying and other associated efforts;
    • produce policy commentary or knowledge articles which also act as educating tool to the public
  2. Media:
    • maintain our online social media and website presence;
    • craft MYD newsletter during COP;
    • pitch delegation stories to larger media outlets;
    • write press release;
    • track media hits
  3. Mobilisation:
    • plan actions in the UNFCCC space;
    • coordinate with other action planning hubs

Other potential responsibilities on our team include fundraising, logistical support, identifying and facilitating coordination opportunities with other youth-focused groups, leading on artistic elements of action, and more! There is a TON of flexibility in how you use this space. We are open to new and creative ideas on how our delegation can most effectively push for the world we need.

(Spoiler ahead. If you want to know more, please continue to read. Don’t say we didn’t warn you)

What MYD will do ?

Throughout the year, we will be organising training series which the topics will be on UNFCCC and related to Malaysia climate policy and also engagement activities

The tentative agenda are as below.

Month Agenda
  • Recruitment
  • Retreat
  • COP crash course #1
  • MYD buddies experience sharing + understanding youth role in YOUNGO
  • Parliament visit
  • Understanding Malaysia Constituency
  • Engagement with CSO and Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment (NRE)
  • Updates from Bonn Intersectional
  • COP crash course #2
  • Understanding Malaysia Climate Change Policies + National Determined Contribution (NDC)
  • Understanding Media/Campaigning/Journalism in Climate Change
  • Understanding Politic, Economics and Climate Change
  • COP Stimulation
  • Training series to be suggested by MYD17 member
  • Training series to be suggested by MYD17 member
  • Pre COP Briefing
  • Re-Engagement with CSO and Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment (NRE)
  • COP23
  • Post COP Forum

*all agenda listed above are subjected to change

MYD moments of impact

MYD2015 @ COP21
MYD2016 @ COP22
A tired day at the negotiation
Youth action @ COP22
Light moment with Malaysian Negotiator and CSO during COP
MYD member giving intervention at COP21
Post COP22 Forum
MYD member voicing out on youth participation and the post-Marrakech scenario

(Take a deep breath, MAJOR SPOILER below)

Application is opening real SOON and we need you!

We always believe YOU-th are the solution. We are opening our application for Malaysian Youth Delegation (MYD) to this year’s COP23, @ Bonn, Germany! STAY TUNED

All applicants will be called for an online screening interview. Then, we will be hosting an in-person retreat for all applicants, which will be held on the weekend of 8th & 9th April (tentative). Location is yet to be determined. The  applicants only will be selected and notified one week after the retreat.

Throughout the entire COP23 journey, the delegation will have the opportunity to work with government officials, civil society representatives, and youth from around the world, all while organizing direct actions, coordinating media outreach, and lobbying government delegates.

New delegate applications are starting from 6th March 2017, Monday 

For any questions, contact us at

We look forward to seeing your application!

You can also follow us on Twitter @PowerShiftMsia or like us on FB Power Shift Malaysia


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