Malaysian Youth Delegation (MYD) established in 2015 with the ultimate aim of representing Malaysian Youth in global climate change arena. After 2 years of hard effort, we hereby proudly announce that MYD is still standing strong and ready to kick climate change’s ass again.

MYD term 2017 officially kickstarted 2 weeks ago after roughly 1.5 months of recruitment.

So, a basic recap of WHO ARE WE,

The Malaysian Youth Delegation (MYD) is the voice of the Malaysian youth climate movement at international United Nations climate conferences, UNFCCC. We strike to represent the demand of a generation and to advocate for a just, safe, and livable future for all. Our core objectives are to

  • Represent youth climate movement in Malaysia
  • Educate Malaysians on UNFCCC and Malaysian climate policy
  • Hold our leaders accountable for the promises and actions responsible for climate change
  • Act in solidarity with frontline communities for those suffering the effects of climate change in Malaysia and across the globe

In order to achieve all the 4 objectives, we have planned out our MYD17 roadmap.

Month Agenda
  • Recruitment
  • MYD 2017 Retreat
  • TS #1 – MYD buddies experience sharing + understanding youth role in YOUNGO
  • MYD 2017 kickstarted
  • TS #2 – How to put the FUN in fundraising (crowdfunding)
  • TS #5 – Understanding Policy Language: How to read and write 
  • TS #6 – Understanding Media/Campaigning/Journalism in Climate Change
  • TS #7 – Understanding Politic, Economics and Climate Change 
  • COP Simulation
  • TS #8 – REDD+ 
  • TS # 9- Role of other stakeholders and power play at UNFCCC
  • TS #10 – Forest Policy training 
  • TS #11- Renewable energy/ energy policy in Malaysia 
  • MYD Youth Statement
  • Pre COP Briefing
  • Re-Engagement with stakeholders
  • Conference of Youth (COY13)
  • Conference of Parties (COP23)
  • Post COP Forum
  • MYD video in COP23
Jan’18 – March’18
  • Preparation for next batch

*agenda listed above are subjected to change depending on the parties’ availability

Last but not least, let us welcome the members for the term 2017 that are selected to represent Malaysian youths in making a combined effort to combat climate change (names in ascending order). Their personal profile will be shared in the next update 🙂

  1. Charis Chan Wei Yenn
  2. Chong Jin Xian
  3. Christabel Lam Pei Lin
  4. Chua Eugene
  5. Daniel Teoh Yong Liang
  6. Diyana Rahim
  7. Dulanga Witharanage
  8. Emily Oi Yen Tse
  9. Heng Kelly
  10. Istahil Mohamed
  11. Jasmin Irisha
  12. Jolene Tan
  13. Kadir Danial b Kadir Roslan
  14. Kelvin Diong
  15. Koo Shin Mian
  16. Lhavanya Dharmalingam
  17. Merryn Chong
  18. Michaelle Phoenix
  19. Mike Campton
  20. Muhammad Azamuddeen bin Mohammad Nasir
  21. Muhammad Hakeem
  22. Ng Dan Way
  23. Sera Chin Lock See
  24. Shahriman bin Shahrul Zaman
  25. Siva Prakash a/l Arikrishnan
  26. Syaqil
  27. Tan Kean Hong
  28. Thomas Lai
  29. Varunkanth Muralikanth
  30. Xiandi Ooi