Team Asia Youth

As part of the Asian Youth Climate Network (AYCN), the Malaysian Youth Delegation (MYD) co-hosted a session at the 13th Conference of Youth (COY13) on Youths Climate Action in Asia, which was participated by youths from various countries across the world. The session adopted a World Cafe format, and the participants were separated into four groups at different tables, whereby each group had a lead facilitator to facilitate the discussion. Every table had their own topic that revolved around climate action.

One of the MYD members, Azam, facilitated a table that discussed on ‘How Can Youth Educate the Public?’ It was really interesting to see the different views and perspectives contributed by the participants in interpreting the many ways to install education towards the public. Among the ideas that were brought up in the session included outreach via social media, capacity building workshops, upcycling programmes, sustainable fashion, responsible consumerism and creative ways in approaching the government.

For the wrap up, each tables were required to present the outcome or gist of their discussion. Azam enthusiastically presented on his table’s discussion and Mike volunteered to present on one of the table’s topic, which is ‘The Value of Youth’ – a topic that is crucial in many countries whereby youth are still having challenges in getting their voices heard, in terms of reaching out to the government, policy makers and the public.

Mike Leading Presentation

Putting being biased aside, this session on Youths Climate Action in Asia is one of the best sessions that I have attended as it is highly interactive and spurs up intellectual discourse. Learning on the programmes and movements in not only Asian countries like Taiwan, China, Korea or Japan, but European countries such as France and Germany from the participants attended, truly paints a bigger picture and making my see things in a new paradigm.

Azam Making a Point

The knowledge sharing session was definitely productive and I am glad that MYD played a vital role in getting the conversation going.

Written by Jasmin

Edited by Varun and Kelly

Group picture from the session