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As the Malaysian Youth Delegation commences with its fourth year of establishment, the organisation has seen a surge in the number of intrigued members on an annual basis. This year, we have 31 new members who were selected to be part of MYD18 after a tenacious selection process. MYD wishes good luck to its members on their new venture, which might be challenging but exuberant!

Aisyah, a slightly free-spirited but grounded woman, who’s reaching the age of 30, decided that she has to be involved with COP24 this time around. Having watched her peers attend previous COPs and observed how the global communities responded to the Paris Agreement definitely peaked her interest and curiosity. With a background in Environmental Studies (minor in Political Science) from Carleton University, Ottawa, CANADA and Environmental Science with Business Management from MUST, her passion lies within and encompasses everything environmental-related: from sustainability and conservation; to livelihood and lifestyle; economic and finances; politics and policies; and development and innovation.

Chun Tat is a law student at the National University of Malaysia. He holds the Student Executive Council position with an active involvement in volunteering activities. In January 2018, he received funds amounting to RM250,000 from Yayasan to conduct over twenty-two CSR programs across Peninsular Malaysia. He was nominated as an ASEAN Youth Leader for the Disaster Risk Reduction Program and has represented Malaysia in attending programmes held abroad at Thailand and Indonesia. Chun Tat is an active student and is always prepared to give his utmost commitment.


Joe is an advocate for youth inclusion in policy making and sustainable economies. He’s worked across many fields ever since he walked out of his college orientation three years ago. Joe moonlights as a photojournalist highlighting under-served communities in Malaysia in hopes of shedding light to the B40 in Malaysia. He is driven by the alarming fact that we are fast running out of fertile land and are in desperate need of new methods to restructure our agricultural sector so our farmers and oil palm planters do not run out of jobs one day. With that in mind, he is actively working with local communities from the bottom up to find better ways in solving the looming agricultural crisis in the country and hopes that MYD will provide the necessary channels for him to further his research and execution into this.

Nur Syahirah Khanum (or Eira) is an ally and advocate of climate justice through sustainable fashion. She is the project coordinator of FIBERS where she raises awareness on fashion social enterprises in the ASEAN. Her passion lies in empowering youth to be conscious consumers, as it is the first step towards circular economy and sustainability. She is currently in her third year pursing a International Communication degree, majoring in Linguistics. She aims to explore the relationship between a social worker’s identity and their native tongue for her final year project.

Qian Wen is a 20 year-old girl who fools everyone into thinking she’s elegant and quiet until they see her eating and laughing with her mouth full of food. She’s also a girl who stands for the underrated green accounting for sustainable development. She wants the public to be well aware and conscious of green accounting and the need for sufficient and appropriate corporate disclosure to environmental issues.


Hanis Azemi is a 20 year old whose passion for the environment started way back when. She’s been an environmental science undergraduate for about a year, but has been an explorer for a lifetime! Almost always in the great outdoors, whether it be in the mountains or through sports, observing changes in the environment made her realize it wasn’t enough for her to know the science behind it, but to spread the word and try to stop it. BTW, she gets really nerdy at the mention of high altitudes, touch football and anything Attenborough.

Renee, who would much rather be home, chilling with her family of six, spends most of her week at Monash University, Malaysia working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Commerce. Her true passion lies in the field of music as she pursues her fifteenth year of playing the violin with various orchestras. She believes that combating climate change begins with a flick of a light switch, for it’s the smallest actions that count. By joining the Malaysian Youth Delegation, she hopes to elevate her voice on behalf of the youth whilst inspiring people for the betterment of the Earth.

Arief bin Johan Alimin is a student of International Affairs and Economics at Northeastern University with an interest in private public-partnerships aimed at furthering social impact and nation building. He believes that fruitful climate action rests in the collaboration between private and public entities in order to further regulation, uphold compliance, and develop technological growth. He has served as the Perdana Fellow to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Malaysia, a conference organizer at the National Council of U.S.-Arab Relations, and a debate coach at the United Nations Association of Greater Boston. Arief is currently working at a technology consultancy in Cambridge, MA and is the Executive Vice President of the Northeastern International Relations Council.

Ghali‘s friends generally refer to her as a free spirit. She believes that the best way to connect with people is to have face-to-face interaction. Having said that, she loves to socialise with people but not as much as her admiration towards art. Being a professional graphic designer, she is the person to approach should anyone want to change their profile picture. As much as she likes digital art, her preference always remains to paint in the classic traditional way. She believes that translating emotions into paint work is a surreal feeling.

Megat Othman Denney is currently finishing his Bachelor’s degree in International Relations at the University of Nottingham, Malaysia. His undergraduate dissertation is regarding the hydro-politics and political ecology of the Tigris-Euphrates River Basin in Western Asia. He is also employed at a Malaysian company that sells and sources eco-friendly Telecommunications/Industrial equipment. Megat believes that Climate Change, Sustainability, Policy and Technology remain interconnected which requires holistic treatment.

As a young management consultant in the workforce, Adeline is constantly informed with global issues and challenges. The environment is an area that has struck her heart the most. Graduated with a Bachelor of Psychological Science and Business, Adeline believes that the environment plays a huge role in ensuring the liveability and wellbeing of people. Her background has developed an interest in her towards the betterment of the environment which has led her to take on a few environmental initiatives in the past years. Being a part of MYD is an exciting opportunity for Adeline to expand her passion about the environment and make an impact in her community.

Karee has been active in climate-related fields since her college days in 2009. Starting off as a Green Knights treasurer at INTI College (Nilai), her team fostered a styrofoam-free campus within a year. Karee’s university experience in Sydney was not limited to theory, but also extended to climate advocacy. Trained as a Climate Reality Leader (2014) by Al Gore in Melbourne, she was an on-campus advocate for plant-based and local eating in relation to climate mitigation as the vice president of the MQ Veg Association and Committee for Campus Sustainability. Currently pursuing the Master in Public Policy at LKYSPP Singapore and an ASEAN scholar focusing on environmental issues, Karee is also a research assistant at the Energy Studies Institute working on policy challenges related to the photovoltaic energy storage project for emission reduction in Singapore.

Cai May, from Subang Jaya (a suburb-city hybrid), has become a true believer of the ‘bolehlah’ lifestyle – where change should start from you – which led her to apply for the MYD. She is an aspiring policy analyst in climate change mitigation and environmental protection in Malaysia, and believes that everyone has the right to a sustainable and healthy environment. Currently completing her Bachelor’s degree, she resides in Southern California with a few packs of ready-to-cook rendang (sauce, not crispy) paired with a hopeful outlook on Malaysia’s future.

Fang Hui is a law graduate from the University of Leeds, having completed the Certificate of Legal Practice and is currently a practising lawyer. She upholds a ‘never stop learning’ spirit. Climate change is a totally new area for her, but it does not deter her from learning. Outspoken, loves meeting new people and enjoys sports or outdoor activities are some of her traits. Her research and writing skills were further enhanced as a co-author for EU Asean Perspectives (Gender Equality) published by IFAIR. She is also one of the solo finalists from Malaysia selected by the Paris bar for the Human Rights Speaking Prize namely “Invitation to Mario Stasi Prize”.

Sharun bt Beream Nasir is just like any other ordinary girl who apparently has an interest in the current global environmental state that does not seem to head to a very happy ending. Since young, she has been in awe of nature which never failed to mesmerize her. Before judging her to be a complete ‘tree hugger’, she does take interest in various random things such as cooking, traveling, the solar system and playing sports. Although she is not the best at things mentioned above, she is always keen to learn more and explore new things in her life. Most importantly, she definitely wants to play a part in making a change for the better future of our humankind, other coexisting fellow living organisms and our home, Earth. Because she does not wants to end up remaining as just an ordinary girl that leaves this world with her carbon footprint behind.

Syahirah has always been enticed by the nature of the Universe and hence, developed an interest in Science and its related subjects that explained phenomena in the range of miniscule to incredibly complex. By studying Environmental Science, she had the undesirable effects of Climate Change unveiled to her. While observing nature and her surroundings, she believes that the course has facilitated her comprehension of how things work and therefore, pushing her curiosity to the next level. She also conveys that developing a sustainable Environment is crucial for all living species. With MYD, she believes that she can make a change for the future.

Bibliophile, football enthusiast, raging intersectional feminist, vegan advocate, devout Netflix user, environmentalist and marine lover; just some of the terms that are synonymous with Abi’s personality. A fast learner and self-proclaimed jack of all trades, master of maybe two, Abi loves trying her hand at new things, and prides herself on being both a fast learner and an adaptable person. Growing up, she’s always been intrigued by nature and its interwoven connections with humanity. At 18, she started gaining insight into the climate and other environmental issues by watching documentaries and reading stuff. While she still has a long way to go in terms of environmental education, Abi is eager to learn and wants to be part of the solution towards a more sustainable planet.

Born and bred in sleepy Ipoh, Yuen Zhao dreamed of living near the ocean and working in Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre. Fast-forward, the little girl achieved them and is now a 24 year old full-time working adult in Kota Kinabalu with a Conservation Biology degree. Best of all, she even has experiences working in different projects from biogeography of snails to the population survey of proboscis monkeys. While she is still training to be a researcher, her interest in climate change grows after she read Elizabeth Kolbert. She wants to learn more and invites you to be a part of her journey!

Aida is a 20-year old with a passion for the Environment, Performing Arts and Human Rights as she relishes doing activities pertaining to this. She does her best in practicing a sustainable, zero-waste, vegan lifestyle, and disseminates awareness to the people in her vicinity for the benefit of the Planet. She emphasizes that being a vegan in Malaysia isn’t as challenging as she’d thought to be and feels people are overdramatic. She also loves to cook vegan meals and counts her carbon-footprint saved since her commitment to this diet.

At 22 years of age, Sangeeta – who was born at Johor Baharu and raised in Ipoh, is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Property Management at Universiti Tun Hussein Onn, Malaysia. Education has always been of importance to her as she holds a passion for the environment that serves as her motivation. “The only way to help spark a change in our society and mentality is through educating ourselves first and then educating others”.

Pouvalen studies Environmental Science at the University of Nottingham, Malaysia with a passion towards Wildlife Conservation. He has volunteered with several NGOs before MYD such as the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF), Gibbons Protection Society of Malaysia (GPSM) and Ebony Forest Reserve Mauritius. He is also the Deputy Sustainability Officer and the Mauritian Ambassador at his University. He holds an interest in Social Entrepreneurship through Enactus UNMC. Policies have been on his radar of interest as he believes that they can change the world positively, therefore joining MYD to further his exploration.

Jeffrey Lee Kai Bo is a recent SPM-graduate from Kedah and is currently completing his Cambridge A-Level studies in Penang. He has had a great passion for the pure sciences and airplanes since an early age. Throughout his years in high school, he has been actively involved in various scientific and innovation competitions. When he was 16, he participated in his first Model United Nations conference, which introduced him into the field of international relations. Despite his lack of accolades in Model UN, he hopes his work in MYD will prove much more effective in the real world than the nuclear war-starting crisis councils he has been in.

Sarah Edrina is a 20 year old, Harry Potter worshipper at heart. She teaches refugee kids, writes for UNICEF Youth and loves humanity projects. A firm believer of seeking knowledge – even though she came from a different education background, she believes that her spirit to create a change for Earth will guide her along the way. She wants the community to love Earth as much as they could, listen and learn about climate change impacts. If she had the chance to meet DiCaprio and Emma Watson in person, she would thank them as they have proved that we could be anybody to fight for Earth.

Wendy is currently in her first year of pursuing an Environmental Science degree. Interestingly enough, her hobbies are influenced by the monsoon period in Malaysia. During the monsoon, she spends her time ocean surfing while enjoying diving and travelling abroad post-monsoon. She considers herself to be driven by logic and rationale more than sentiments and emotions but envisages the world to be beautiful and that she should champion for what she feels is right, which is to contribute towards a positive change.

Hui Ling, better known as Kitty, is currently an environmental science student at the University of Nottingham. Growing up living just opposite a forest, she has been passionate towards saving the environment since the day the forest was gone. Reading encyclopaedias and conducting her own little experiments were her hobbies since young. Although she may be shy at times, she is always curious about the littlest things in life. Learning about the environment has sparked more interest than she already has towards the environment and has made her step out of her comfort zone to help save the devastated planet.

Jia Yi, at 22 years of age is currently studying biology at Universiti Sains, Malaysia. She is a pansexual woman who happens to live in a deeply homophobic and misogynistic society. A brave, talkative soul who loves reading, Jia Yi would date anyone who likes to read books of similar genres. She would much rather live in a little house by the sea and read all day. Unfortunately, there are many factors which would deter her plan – most notably, gender inequality and human-caused environmental deterioration. Jia Yi loves the sea which is rapidly being poisoned by pollutants that she is guilty of contributing to everyday. She tries to reduce waste by using reusable utensils, refusing plastic bags and going vegetarian even though she loves McDonalds.

Being a city girl, Charis is interested with issues on climate change as she grew up witnessing the changes around her. If she had a magic wand, she would use the power to make plants and animals speak the human language so we could all communicate with each other and possibly “negotiate” on better terms for the betterment of the planet we are living in. Having an interest in seeing how youths can make a difference and being part of it, she is looking forward to meet some amazing people out there.

Liyana Yamin is an aspiring writer who writes casually in her blog at langitilahi.com. Her interest lies in environmental issues, religion related, and also travelogues. She takes photographs whenever she fails to express it in her writings. She particularly enjoys taking landscape, architecture, and still-life photos. Liyana has been exposed to books by her father as early as 5 years old and has always been intrigued with reading non- fiction, poetry, and self-help books until now. She translates her vision into reality through leadership, volunteering, and also works well as a team-player wherever she is placed.

Arissa is a 21 year old aspiring filmmaker who is passionate about Environmental Justice and Awareness, Human Rights and Foreign Languages. Although she comes from a communications background, she intends to incorporate an Environmental Studies minor in her degree. Her surging realisation towards advocating for the Environment came from her participation in sports. Her hobbies include memorising lines from the Lord of the Rings, learning to compost and travelling to historical places. As a PDC participant and newly elected MYD member, she realises that she had a responsibility to act now and with hastiness.

Muhammad Shaqib Shahrilnizam, 22, who prefers to be called as Shaqib Shahril, is a finance enthusiast since his secondary years at English College, Johore Bahru. He is currently paving the way to fulfill his finance dream by pursuing a double degree in finance from IUMW and University of Wales while working as a part time economic analyst and lecturer. Also a Member of Malaysia’s Youth Parliament for Johore, Shaqib is focused and has raised several motions regarding social economics and sustainability. Fun fact- he is a comic geek and an avid fan of Yankees and Chelsea.

Jahira is a final year student pursuing a degree in International Relations at the London School of Economics. For three years, she has been trained to view the world broadly through the curriculum learned and has analysed, examined and investigated states, governments, leaders, international organisations, agreements/accords, alongside their successes and failures in a variety of pursuits that has garnered worldwide attention. The course has exposed her to the realities of the world and the dynamics of governance, leadership and actors, which led her to dive deeper into the engineering of change. She has taken a profound interest in the environment through her belief in the global moral responsibility to protect the planet we share. Jahira believes that with MYD, a future generation of leaders can become change, further advance climate diplomacy, and ameliorate environmental conditions via sustainable environmental governance.

Angelina’s involvement with the environment dates back to 2015, when she started off as an environmental executive at a consulting firm. Ever since then, her passion for the environment has carried on. As she witnesses the calamity experienced by the environment, her relentless efforts continue in advocating for the environment’s rights to thrive. Now a part of the corporate world, Angelina pushes limits and influences peers in heightening their environmental awareness levels and stands by the fact that everyone can play a part in helping the environment. ‘Together we can make big impacts by doing little significant things!’

Aaliyah is that kind of girl who is never settles doing repetitive work that is prolonging. She has always envisioned herself doing two things while growing up – traveling and saving the world. She’s also a firm believer that the Earth, we live on, is a home needs to be protected by the global community. Raised in the vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur, she has always been on the move, whether it’s dancing in front of a large crowd as a dance fitness instructor or attending lectures and conferences as a International Relations student. She is a fearless girl who is prepared to change the world so that we live for the better. She lives by the quote, ‘Nothing that you put in effort is ever really a waste of time, everything is a learning experience.’


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