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MYD 2018 Retreat Reflection – Eudora Yee


by mydclimate


The Malaysian Youth Delegation hosted the annual Retreat at EPIC Collective over the weekend of the 28th and 29th April 2018. New members were asked to reflect the activities they took part in, what they learned along the way, and what they took away from the experience. Here’s what our new members had to say:

Eudora Yee

By: Eudora Yee

As Adrian has once came to the University of Nottingham to speak about #PowerShiftMsia, a brief knowledge in regards to the Malaysian Youth Delegation (MYD) organisation as well as their main purpose was available. However, this retreat provided more information about the policies that are currently in place in Malaysia, the historical timeline of environmental related policies in an international scale and the work that MYD contributes in the effort to raise awareness and make a change.

The talk given by Ms Lakshmi Lavanya Rama regarding Malaysia and the International Climate Change Policies was especially eye-opening. It not only gave us information as to how policies were constructed, it also provides us some insights into the catalyst that brought about their construction. She gave us an insight into the political power play that exist between the different countries in coming to an agreement on the type and scale of policies to be implemented. It was shown that more often than not, those that are have a more favourable position are often the ones that makes the decisions for everyone regardless of those in less favourable positions such as small developing countries and non-governmental organisations.

The brief on the history of various agreements and policies drawn up by the international community provided by Thomas was also very informative. While difficult to remember all the exact date of construction and implementation and all the different type of policies, the brief did provide a more detailed explanation as to the purpose of each and every policy or agreement and their effects so far in the international effort to mitigate climate change. It was shocking to see that a considerably huge amount of policies and agreements have already been drawn up over the years with varying degrees of success.

Although, the information provided by MYD members with their experiences of participating in COP was the most memorable. It give better insight to the actual type of work that MYD does as well as the hard work that goes into it. It is also great that some members of the home team also spoke about their work here which is equally as significant despite not being there physically in COP.



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