Our Year End Christmas Dinner 2017

Our Year End Christmas Dinner 2017

An evening with a lot of commotion! (PC- Adrian)

On the 20st of December, 2017, the members and alumni from MYD, #PowerShiftMsia and Kem Solusi met the Ganga Cafe, Bangsar for dinner and get together.

After a successful year, with plenty of achievements and milestones reached, including the sending delegates for COP23, the rendezvous was a relaxed and full-filled evening. The meet was the first informal one to happen this year, i.e. with no talk hard-talk on  UNFCCC or any policy related matters. ?

Starting with the cafe, the restaurant was an unique, yet an amazing choice for some sumptuous Indian cuisine. The cafe served both North and South Indian food, with the restaurant being one of my favoured places for Indian delicacies in KL. The location outside the restaurant was calmer in comparison to the hustle within the cafe. 

The dinner event saw the attendees bringing their wrapped gifts, only to be shuffled and exchanged within the members. Initially each person needed to pick one random gift from a pile of gifts and then Thomas read out a mini-story that instructed us to pass on the gift in hand either to the left, right or the member on the opposite direction. Although not all seemed to grasp the story completely, it was unprecedented for many of them to be “passing games” in a long time. Nevertheless, the inquisitiveness made the shuffling much more intriguing, so kudos to Thomas!

Simple yet delicious (PC- Jolene)

A few other games were played on table- Edmund introduced the Reefcheck card game, which enthralled those who had participated and it increased their knowledge and awareness with respect to marine biology and ecosystem. Cards of humanity and Werewolf were other games played that evening with the latter being introduced to many of us for the first time.  

Thanks to all those who could make it _/\_ (PC- Adrian/Jolene)

Thanks to all those who could make it _/\_ (PC- Adrian/Jolene)

The rendezvous was much needed to get to know of our fellow members even better. Having occasional meetups definitely facilitate the sharing of ideas and thoughts with each other. Once again, many thanks to all those from #PowerShiftMsia, MYD and KemSolusi who made the event possible. We wishes everyone good luck for the festive season! 

Written and Edited by Varun

Malaysia Climate Change Youth Strategic Action Plan 2016 – 2018

Malaysia Climate Change Youth Strategic Action Plan 2016 – 2018

Strategic Action Plan 2016 – 2018

Our vision is empowered youth taking action on climate change for a sustainable future for all.

Our mission is to amplify the voice of youth movements in climate change through education and mobilisation.

The Solution > Make The Conversation Mainstream – Shaping public opinion with comprehensive climate change education at all levels, especially young people.

Program Delivery

Climate Education
  • Kem Solusi – Introduction to the basic science of Climate Change and the available solutions. Planning to host 6 camps yearly are various location. Targeting 6 kem x 50 pax = 300 engaged participants
  • Kampus Sarap – Experiential field trips and community action that demonstrate sustainability in action, waterfall and beach cleanups, visit to landfill and solar farm. Targeting 6 trips yearly x 35 pax = 210 engaged participants
  • #TabungPustakaIklim – Putting climate change related books onto shelves of libraries. 6 box of books x RM2,000, targeting 6 library to be engaged
  • Pen-debunga-an – Planting bunga raya, providing food for our pollinators, in supporting growth of a healthy forest. Promoting national flower and bee population, will be our souvenirs throughout the year.
Public Policy
  • Malaysian Youth Delegation – Advocacy on public policy studies on multilateral and national platforms, Policy Reading & Understanding Training. COP22 in Marakesh, Morroco, target to send 4 pax yearly to attend UNFCCC meetings and Engagement in National Policy Making
  • National Climate Change Survey – Nationwide survey roadshow with youth on Climate Change Awareness and Concerns. Targeting 10 briefings and survey sessions yearly x 50 pax = 500 pax
  • Iklim Anggota Parlimen Saya – Holding our Elected Representatives Accountable, Policy Education and Monitoring. Targeting to publish online & a book of our MPs reply on environmental & CC issues
Campaigning Skills
  • #PowerShiftMsia – Empowering & mentoring on effective campaigning and project management skills. Targeting 2 camps yearly x 50 pax = 100 participants and 10 adopted projects