We at MYD organize events to educate and raise awareness on climate change and how we can address them.

Events we organise

Training Series

MYD hosts Training Series, seminars carried out by our members aimed to educate audiences from all walks of life on various climate topics.

Local Conference of Youth (LCOY)

LCOY, held under YOUNGO, aims to boost youth climate action on a localised level and create input in the leadup to COP. MYD has regularly held Malaysia’s LCOY since 2018.

Articles and research

MYD produces articles and research on important and upcoming climate topics.

Conferences/International events

MYD aims to send representatives to COP every year, and are regular attendees/contributors to national events such as iGEM.

Ad-hoc or collaborative events

MYD has regular engagements with organisations and stakeholders that work on the national climate agenda.