Heart of Borneo Initiative- A solution for Climate Change and Low Carbon Development

Heart of Borneo Initiative- A solution for Climate Change and Low Carbon Development

“Our lost has been too significant, and those that left have been too insignificant.” – Dr. Efransjah

Is palm oil and timber industry jeopardizing the orangutan’s survival and the forest coverage in Borneo? The answer is, it depends.

In the “A Solution for Climate Change and Low Carbon” COP parallel event, Dr. Efransjah, CEO of WWF-Indonesia, has addressed the idea on how Borneo states economy can develop without further exacerbating the deforestation issues.


“They can do it, but they have to do in the right way”, said Dr. Efransjah. Good management from the government in protecting natural resources and protected areas are vital in the effort to safeguard the lives of orangutans. In states like Borneo, where intact forests are border-crossing; trans-boundary collaboration on management is extremely challenging, yet significant. According to Dr. Efransjah, palm oil plantation is highly welcome for the growth of economy. The thing that most businesses often neglect or ignore, is to do it in the right and sustainable manner. The logging industry is one of the business sectors that faces this challenge due to the nature of their operations, yet it should not be an excuse for them to ignore the impact of their actions towards nature.

The high quality management and standards of the firm is crucial to promote a true green economy. Financial support too, is a mandatory and crucial element in sustainable development of the palm oil and timber industries in Borneo.

Payment of ecosystem and conservation levy is important to enhance the value of nature capital. “We have good projects, but we lack funds,” said Encik Haji Sapuan Bin Ahmad, the Director of the Forest Department Sarawak. Transforming the policy framework will hopefully encourage the development of good business behaviors and build the natural capital of Borneo. Therefore, national decision is still the utmost important factor in protecting the Heart of Borneo.

There is a saying from the Cree prophecy, when all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money. Protecting the survival of orangutans and forest coverage is an effort that should be shouldered by all. When the day we lost these precious creations of God, it will be to late to discover that money cannot buy them back.

Written by: Elaine

Edited by: Merryn