Post COP23 Forum and Luncheon

Post COP23 Forum and Luncheon


Event Description:

United Nation Climate Change Conference COP23 Fiji was deemed as a Pacific COP. Were the needs of Pacific Islanders addressed this year’s COP? Were the issues of Loss and Damage given their due attention in UNFCCC COP23?

How far will parties go to maintain the momentum of Paris, or the current name “Fiji Momentum of Implementation”? The Paris Agreement “rulebook” is meant to be finalized in the next COP. This will require lots of negotiations (or rather compromising) to sort out a number of issues.

Read about the Malaysian Youth Delegation (MYD) 2017’s journey at the UNFCCC COP23 meeting and COY13 in Bonn, Germany 

COP23 has officially ended, on 7am 18th Nov, with some issues resolved but there are still plenty left to negotiate when delegates reconvene at the next session before COP24 in Poland. Want to know more?

Find out by joining our Post-COP23 Forum. Look forward to our Luncheon and Networking session where we can mingle and eat – two things we can’t say no to.

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Kindly let us have your response by 6th December 2017, so that we can make arrangements. Event space is limited to 100 pax only. Get your tickets below.

We may also be contacted at or (Emily) 017-880 6629.

Event: Post COP23 Forum and Luncheon

Date: 9 Dec 2017 (Saturday)
Time: 11am – 2.30pm
Venue: C-L19-08, KL Trillion, 338 Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur

1. LRT Station Ampang park is 7 minutes away. (
2. Parking is RM10.
3. Name list will be submitted to security guard, collect a card and take an elevator to level 19. Exit elevator, turn right and you will see the venue.


10.30am – Registration
10.45am – Opening Speech
11.00am – Introduction by forum Moderator – Ms. Tina Carmillia, The Business Radio Station (BFM)

– Mr. Jaya Singam Rajoo, Ministry Natural Resources and Environment (NRE)
– Ms. Hilary Chiew, Third World Network (TWN)
– Mr. Syed Syaqil, Malaysian Youth Delegation (MYD)

12.20pm – Open Floor Discussion
1.00pm – Networking Lunch
2.00pm – End



A group of young passionate Malaysians who represent the local youth climate movement at international climate conferences, such as the annual Conference of the Parties (COP), part of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Dedicated to raising awareness of climate policies amongst Malaysians, the youth are mentored and trained to translate technical policies into more relevant and relatable information for the public. MYD holds speaking engagements with various climate organisations to better understand the current landscape of local and international climate policy. With that, MYD endeavours to hold Malaysian leaders accountable for the promises made at international climate summits.

For media enquiries, please contact:
Thomas Lai | | 016-337 6768


Varun’s Diary: To know better is to understand better

Varun’s Diary: To know better is to understand better

This training series was somewhat unique as we had a highly motivated youth from Singapore to share her experience and knowledge in the field of climate change.

Nor Lastrina Hamid, is the co-founder of both Singapore Youth for Climate Action (SYCA), which is a platform for young Singaporeans to act in solidarity towards the fight for climate change and Lepak in SG, a calendar listing for environmental events.

The event was held at University of Nottingham’s Teaching Centre in Kuala Lumpur on 7 July and it was a three hour session filled with understanding Lastrina’s and Singapore’s perspective on climate policy and action.

Lastrina chose to sit with the audience and do the sharing

Moving to the sharing session, Lastrina explained in detail on her roles in SYCA and COP21 and 22. She showed great ingenuity by describing her experiences in her spell at Paris and Marrakech. While delineating on Singapore government’s efforts towards bringing increased awareness to the public, she explained on the government providing funds and scholarships to those who were taking part in climate related movements and activities.

The food was good, so was the sharing session?

With respect to climate accountability and tracking the climate progress matter of the government, Lastrina encouraged more youth participation in negotiations and reaching out to the public by disseminating the information and awareness for localised action. SYCA bridges the gap between the government and the community, similar to MYD for Malaysia.

Presenting the Token of Appreciation (The mug is starting to become a part of gift culture)

By concluding, and as Lastrina had highlighted, the supportive Singaporean government underlined the strength of youth and paves way to steer the country towards a sustainable future which is something countries around the world can learn from.

Overall, from the Singaporean example, I had learnt that the governments across the globe can contribute much more towards encouraging youth and public on issues that need more action on a global scale. Singapore commits not only to training and building capacity for developing countries but also involves itself in assisting other parties of the Paris Agreement and International Institutions.

The MYD Squad ? (Not in full team yet)

MYD is beholden to Lastrina for contributing to the training series by sharing her experiences at the local and international stages for climate action and justice. The discussion was quite insightful and broadened our perspective of climate negotiations. With three months to COP23, the journey to Bonn is in full swing.


– Varun, MYD17 Member

MYD 2017 Training Series #6- Understanding The Language Of Climate Change Policy

MYD 2017 Training Series #6- Understanding The Language Of Climate Change Policy


In conjunction to the upcoming COP23 in Bonn, Germany, this training series aims to educate both the public and the MYD members about the language of climate change policy, how to understand the words that were used in them and how it affects the length of actions taken by the country itself. Besides that, we will also delve into how different countries come into consensus to draft an international agreement that agrees upon certain policies.

Event: MYD 2017 Training Series #6- Understanding the language of climate change policy

Date: 19/8/17

Time: 9:00 a.m-1:00 p.m.

Venue: Sala KL , Vegan Restaurant, Galeria Sri Hartamas


9:00-9:30am- Registeration

9:30-11:30am- Training Series

11:30am-11:45am- break

11:45-12:30pm- Training Series

12:30-1:00pm- QnA

 MYD Training Details:

Trainer Profile:

Chee Yoke Ling is an international lawyer whose areas of expertise includes the environmental, social and economic impacts of globalization.

She commonly discusses climate change issues, the interface between biodiversity/traditional knowledge at the UNFCCC and is a board of director in an international non-profit network of organisations and individuals involved in sustainable development issues called Third World Network.



Event Feedback

#MYD Training Series – Training on UNFCCC negotiations and media work with various climate experts, government bodies and civil society leaders. Each sessions will run for min 2 hours and will be broadcast/record and available on YouTube for future reference. For more info about the TS, please click here:

Kelly’s Diary: My first MYD journey

Kelly’s Diary: My first MYD journey

With only a few more months left for COP23, MYD organised it second training series on 21st May, which focus on how to put the FUN in fundraising 

2 climate experts from Paris were invited to help us better understand what crowdfunding is all about and the strategies involve in it, but our venue is what made this whole training series even more special.

We held it in Taman Rimba Kiara, where an Earth Day event and a protest to stop the diminishing of this park were held consecutively.

When Art meets Activism

Many other booths relating to the ‘green’ topic too were set up, including us as well. We get to enjoy ourselves with Zumba in the morning (Sorry guys, i am too busy dancing, no time to take picture), then petition signing and also get to witness the protestants chanting “Save Taman Rimba!”.

People mountain people sea

A successful crowdfunding campaign uses the theory of communication circles to determine if the crowdfunding is successful or not. So, when your close friends and family starts talking about your campaign, their friends would eventually help you raise funds too if they agree with your campaign’s idea itself, and that is when you know your campaign has been a success!

Besides that, we get to be the first trial group for the 2 Parisians to test out their ‘game’ involving us to plan our own crowdfunding campaign (on any topic) on that spot and to present it after 30 minutes, to determine if it will help us gain better insights regarding crowdfunding on that topic.

Anne and Tienot are the founder of Wānanga Trek and we are happy to be able to invite them to be our trainers

With that, different ideas, strategies and also rewards idea ( for the sponsors) were given feedback from the 2 Parisians and it had proved how much creativity the MYD’s members had in them in terms of crowdfunding as ideas such as giving ‘seed’ as a reward for the sponsor to reduce carbon emission, or even setting hotel booths to collect leftovers to reduce food wastage, were the discussed ideas on that day itself.

Our team, were thinking of publishing a photo book regarding the MYD- Making You Donate, idea as a reward for sponsoring us to COP23, to help publicize and educate Malaysians about climate change policies during UNFCCC itself.

Why so serious !

To end the day, MYD along with its partners, #PowerShiftMsia and Kem Solusi, held a BIG-PIE( Peer Integration Exchange) meeting effectively using the fishbowl method where we, as MYD Members get to witness it too! *hence the term BIG*

As the fishbowl method involves a circle within a circle, where only the interior circle was able to talk and voiced out their opinion and the exterior circle is the observant and could only be voicing out only upon tapping the interior participant’s’ shoulder, this method was beneficial as the meeting was held in the park itself, and minimal disruption would be beneficial.

As part of the MYD member, I believe that the next coming months would involve an increment in knowledge absorbed and also life skills learned, as we will be organizing our own training series the next time round!

So, see you guys next time!


-Kelly Heng, MYD17 member

MYD Training : Crowdfunding & BIG PIE Meeting @ Kiara Earth Day

MYD Training : Crowdfunding & BIG PIE Meeting @ Kiara Earth Day


21st May, the TTDI community is celebrating the Kiara Park as an amazing green lung for the residents. We were invited to be part of the celebration and would like to introduce more ‘out-of-the-box’ activities that one can held in a public park. We are hosting one training and one meeting. Everyone is invited to join us.

Kiara Earth Day Details

Come make your way to Taman Rimba Kiara on 21 May 2017 from 9 am to 2pm and learn about the theme for this year’s Earth Day event; ‘Parks for People‘. It is meant to highlight the importance of preserving public parks for the benefit of the people. There will be educational booths, kid’s activities, talks, food & drinks and more. It a community event and a great opportunity to meet other residents living in TTDI. The event is open to all members of the public (including non-TTDI residents)



Event: BIG PIE Meeting & MYD Crowdfunding Training (and Kiara Earth Day)
Date: 21st May (Sunday)
Time: 9am-2pm
Venue: Kiara Park, TTDI (Google Map) (Waze)


8.00am – Volunteers arrival and setup
8.30am – Registration for MYD Training
9.00am – MYD Training – Crowdfunding begins
11.00am – MYD Training – Crowdfunding ends
11.00am – Free & Easy
12.00pm – BIG PIE Meeting
2.00pm – ends

MYD Training Details

Trainers’ Profile

Anna is a 22 redhead student, researcher and entrepreneur coming from the French Alps. In 2016, she took her gap year to travel in the Pacific and Asia, involving into initiatives against climate change, leading interviews and publishing them in newspapers and medias. She believes in the power of the Youth to tackle climate change, and will share with you the inspiring stories of young change makers she met on her way !
Tiénot is a 27 entrepreneur coming from the French Mafia capital (Marseille), who believes in the power of people to make great differences. He involved in a lot of citizen and sustainable movements in France, and now puts his experiences into action in Asia : grass-root initiatives, crowdfunding, fundraising… He’ll be happy to share them with the Malaysian next generation of change makers : you guys !

Event Feedback

CETDEM – Climate Change Dialogue May 2016

CETDEM – Climate Change Dialogue May 2016

Click here to view:

  • MYD Youth Statement on Climate Change to for COP21 (link)
  • MYD Articles and Videos during COP21 (link)
  • MYD Post-COP21 Sharing (link)


CETDEM – Climate Change Dialogue May 2016

Theme: Paris Agreement – Challenges & Opportunities
Date: Tuesday, 31 May 2016
Time: 9am – 1pm (followed by lunch)
Venue: Hotel Armada Petaling Jaya (opposite Asia Jaya LRT Station)


  • Welcome by Engr Gurmit Singh, CETDEM Chairman & Forum Moderator
  • YB Dato Sri Dr Haji Wan Junaidi bin Tuanku Jaafar, Minister of Natural Resources & Environment Malaysia’s perspective of the Paris Agreement
  • HE Mr Christophe Penot, French Ambassador to Malaysia – Perspectives on behalf of the French Presidency of COP21
  • Mr Adrian Yeo, Malaysian Youth Delegation ‪#‎MYD‬ – What do the Youth expect from the Paris Agreement?
  • Mr Anthony Tan, CETDEM Executive Director – NGO persepective of the Paris Agreement